Adventure Story! new Wiki

you spwan at maplburg way where bandits are a truble to the maryor that tells you to beat 5 bandits then dortor thomas and then frogsson and hopla to get acess to frog vlil road but first you need to beat the beandit king first the first mini-boss the when you win you talk to the maryor and then you talk to abby she tells you to fight driuds for a chace to get driud key so you can enter the next place in it where you then fight bedrock a big monster you get a magical stone for beating bedrock the big monster so then you get the quest regruop with abby so then she says to got to ratzo rocks quset which can not be done for now due to devlpoer not updating the game so you then can do stone gitch get stat apple but dont use your magical stone first so you can get more powerful to beat anything and be unstopble